Updated: Jan 31, 2019

We always shout from the rooftops how we want change and this and that, many times it remains just chatter... here is my lineup of things to influence this year, on a national scale.

For a long while and for often misinterpreted reasons, I have held the view that the National Resistance Movement leadership in Uganda has served very well it’s role in the political, military, and developmental growth of Uganda. It is, in my opinion, the first government after colonialism with mass civilian support to ‘take power’ and thereafter constitute several democratic freedoms while securely advancing a development plan hinged on fundamental nation building principles. This is easily validated by the close correlation with the NRM’s then 10 Point Program and now 15 Point Program.

I maintain that the young leaders of that day did over and beyond what predecessors grappled to achieve in the region. The National Resistance Army is widely known as one of few successful guerrilla movements that captured power with very little external support. The more serious scholars of armed struggle have perhaps sought a leaf or two in the strategies of this courageous force. Their operations between 1979 and 1990 put to shame our combined efforts to a) identify a worthy cause b) mobilise and convince our peers to join the fight for or against said cause, and c) follow through with a seamless strategy to deliver time based development agendas while working towards and reshaping a 100 year strategic vision.

Before I share my 'must - influence' issues for the year, I need to state what I believe to be the chinks in our plan and or implementation thereof;

Selection and Recruitment of Appropriate Officers: This was initially an issue of an untrained workforce due to our lack of academic institutions but we now note that even with so many young people graduating, the match between skills ability and academic record vary greatly. For reasons known to many, the system has enabled crammers over functional problem solvers and so a well placed individual in a managerial position will be of no help to you should your company or institution be faced with a new problem not yet provided for in the rules, procedures, and policies.

Innovation of Unique and Indigenous Systems: This is only partially true to the extent of the knowledge and support of these systems. So while we have several very innovative and ingenious problem solvers in society, there is little patience and or support extended to them. For those who have fallen on the right ear and have not been short changed out of their own innovations, we have had success stories... Safe Boda comes to mind for the latter while Mobile Money remains an intellectual property puzzle. All the same, these two have made a mark in the way, commerce, transport, and finance are used on the African continent. So perhaps it is not so much innovation of unique and indigenous systems as it is an inattentive and innovation aloof culture, happy to maintain the status quo.

Imbalanced Economic Scales: It is no secret that Africa was robbed of time, resources and dignity in the conquests of the imperialists. It is however now time to shed the past and start to act in the present. This is perhaps my favourite and only preference for democracy; the notion of sovereignty. In our sovereign bliss, we are best placed to advance our collective national interests without fear of admonition.

Poor understanding of High Stakes Challenges to drive Development: After studying the President's ten point program, I am convinced that no other country on the continent has a better pathway for success than Uganda. It is so well structured that it solves our foreseeable challenges over 30-50 years since liberation. The issue in my opinion though has been the uptake of these short points (listed below for your refreshment or completely new knowledge ; - ) Translation from vision to strategy through a mirror of commonly shared and espoused culture is why we are where we are today. Add in the ever present element of intention and we have a nice mix of tug of war for resources, attention, and chest thumping.

The National Resistance Movement Ten Point Program

1.Restoration of Democracy

2.Restoration of Security

3.Consolidation of National Security and elimination of all forms of sectarianism

4.Defending and consolidating National Independence

5.Building an independent, integrated and self-sustaining national economy

6.Restoration and improvement of Social Services and the rehabilitation of the war ravaged areas

7.Elimination of corruption and misuse of power

8.Redressing errors that have resulted in the dislocation of sections of the population and improvement of others

9.Cooperation with other African countries in defending human and democratic rights of our brothers in other parts of Africa

10.Following an economic strategy of mixed economy

11.Financing of public infrastructure using internal borrowing and creation of employment in the country

12.Focused human resource development and capacity building in the technical and public service sector

13.Preservation and development of our culture

14.Consolidation of programs which are responsible to gender and marginalised groups

15.Environmental protection and management

The following therefore, are my three areas of national focus for the year 2019...

1. Study and map the current trajectory for the national development plan against the NRM 15 Point Program - this to ascertain that there is harmony in the agreed direction nationally, regionally, and in tandem with new developments such as globalisation, advancements in technology and necessity.

2. Build a database for proven talent permanent or on consultation for various areas of government and public service organisations.

3. Influence of public sector reform to realign our public institutions with the desired development agenda.

If you are passionate about the above and want to collaborate to achieve 1 and 3 or feel that you have the skill and know how to transform a specific area of governance, share with me your resume and details here.

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